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The Center for Relationship & Sexuality Education (CRSE) broadens access to important sexual health information and addresses the overwhelming vulnerability to sexual abuse experienced by the intellectual and developmental disability community. We do this by providing learning materials and professional development to members of the disability community, their families/guardians, medical professionals and the educators who support them.

Our goal is to support sexual health and safety for adolescents and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

People with developmental disabilities have the right to information about their body and safe sexual expression according to their individual capacity to learn.”

— Lucille M. Duguay, Established the Oak Hill Center for Relationship & Sexuality Education

We Offer:

Curriculum & Workbooks

Complete materials for sexuality education and sexual health include:

Image of Positive Choices curriculum binder with teacher manual and CD-RomPositive Choices, an industry-leading curriculum that helps young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities learn life skills, safe boundaries, women’s and men’s health, healthy relationships, sexuality and more. Complete classroom materials include easy-to-understand lessons and a comprehensive teaching guide

Covers of seven workbooks, multiple colors, smiling people of all ages and genders



A series of seven workbooks that provide detailed sexual health information for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Parent and Caregiver Workshops

Delivered by our experienced staff, CRSE provides presentations and workshops on a variety of sexual health and healthy relationship topics for parents and caregivers. These aim to increase confidence around tough conversations and build capacity to support the development of healthy relationships.

Professional Development

For disability professionals, clinicians, management, and direct care staff, we provide in-depth education offerings. We train individual staff members, train a single staff member to train others, train a department (e.g. school district special education department), or deliver independent seminars.

Therapeutic Education

At this time we are not providing clinical services but please check back.

To learn more about our materials, workshops, and training opportunities, contact:

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