Professional Development

For disability professionals, clinicians, management, and direct care staff, we provide in-depth education offerings. We can adapt our trainings and presentations to fit your group’s needs. Contact us to learn more.

Healthy Relationship Support & Abuse Prevention – Recorded Webinar

As an introduction, we offer the following 35 minute webinar that helps providers understand and appreciate the role they play in keeping people with IDD safe and promoting healthy relationships:

Training for Educators and Clinicians (for those using our curriculum or workbooks)

  • Guided professional development for groups (offered virtually)
  • Delves in-depth into strategies for implementation of CRSE learning materials
  • Provides opportunity for rehearsal of teaching strategies and tailoring to your teaching environment
  • Ideal for special educators, health instructors, behavioral strategists, and direct support staff

This workshop educates those in attendance to take an honest look at the role we play in empowering our students to make positive choices.”

“Reaffirmed why this work is important, and provided guidance on how to help this vulnerable population access information that could substantially impact their safety.”

Parent and Caregiver Workshops

  • Interactive workshop (offered virtually)
  • Designed for parents and caregivers of youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Builds capacity to support the development of healthy relationships
  • Increase confidence around tough conversations
  • Topics include: attractions and dating, managing feelings, qualities of a healthy relationship, internet safety, warning signs of abuse, and more!

Therapeutic Education

At this time we are not providing clinical services but please check back.

To learn more about our materials, workshops, and training opportunities, contact:

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