A Seven-Workbook Series for Individuals With Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (I/DD)

Covers of seven workbooks, multiple colors, smiling people of all ages and genders

The information in these workbooks is presented with sensitivity and reinforces the important concepts of healthy relationships: boundaries, consent, trust, respect, and responsibility. All workbooks promote critical thinking and safe decision making.

PLEASE NOTE: These workbooks are intended as prevention education, not crisis management. If someone is struggling with their own sexuality, has been the victim of abuse, or has demonstrated problematic sexual behavior, they need counseling or other clinical support services, which are beyond the scope of these workbooks.

These workbooks were designed for adults (ages 18 and older) and should be used for informative purposes only.

*Some of these workbooks include educational illustrations of male and female bodies without clothes on and have sexually explicit content.*

Each of these workbooks can be read on their own, but for a full understanding, we recommend reading them in order, starting with the Health Series.

A special thank you to the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, as they have generously provided us with funding to provide our workbooks, for a limited time, at no cost to individuals who could benefit from the content. This includes both the Health Series, as well as the Relationship and Safety Series.

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Resource for Direct Service Professionals

Are you a direct service professional looking to support individuals learning the information in our workbooks? Check out our Workbook Companion Guide.