Healthy Relationship Support & Abuse Prevention

Oak Hill’s Center for Relationship & Sexuality Education (CRSE) offers online opportunities for professional development and increased awareness of widespread sexual abuse and other related issues experienced by the IDD community, as well as promotion of healthy relationships. These learning opportunities can expand the meaningful implementation of our curriculum and workbooks for disability professionals, clinicians, management, and direct care staff.

*Our focus is preventive education and advocacy.  We do not have intervention services at this time.*

We’d like to take the opportunity to share the following 35-minute webinar to you for FREE!  Our hope is to encourage individuals, the community, families, and professionals to explore the content and understand the significance of their role in creating safe spaces for individuals with IDD, while promoting the process of building healthy relationships.

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Please take some time to explore our innovative resources and let us know if you are interested in CRSE’s educational materials and/or services, please contact us at